JC Curve World Music Group

JC Curve World Music Group consists of:
JC Curve – Composer, contrabass, producer.

Cray K. – piano, string.

Gayoung Park – keyboard, string.

Kyungkyu Lee – Hang Drum, Dae-Gum, So-Gum.

Young Jin Choi – Korea traditional Percussion.

Duk Gyu Han – Korea traditional Percussion.

The band analyzes different types of life topics including human instincts.

The band pursuits a completely different path from other World Music Groups,

inspired by numerous compositions to movie, drama, theater,

and professional dancers music.


The music roots from traditional music yet it is a modern interpretation –

the music is more narrative and deeper.

The music is, harmonized with traditional and modern, initially grand and

solemn, and it turns out to be lyrical all of a sudden like a movie.

Perhaps the individual skills bring the ensemble to a higher level of perfection.


The backgrounds of the members stand out among any World Music

musicians in Korea.

JC Curve, the leader, is a full-time composer of Sejong Center

for Performing Arts Teenage Gukak Orchestra.

He has brought up the reputation and quality of music of the orchestra.

Moreover, JC Curve is a producer and a bassist of “Ahn Eun Gyoung Purity”

– Ahn is the best pipe player in Korea.

JC Curve has gone through all genres, from jazz to the crossovers of all kinds.

The experiences perhaps became smooth transitions

from daily lives not to repetitive traditional music but to sophisticated music

and performance. JC Curve is currently getting much attention from all over the world, flooded with invitations for performances and albums.


We expect and hope to see JC Curve World Music Group global-tour

and communicate with people of diversity.


International Career


“Sukiyaki Meets the World” – Toyama, Japan.

World Bodypainting Festival – Austria

K-Culture Festival – Chengdu, China

ARKO-Inko Centre – Chennai, India

Day of Seoul – Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia (20th anniversary of Sisterhood)

World Music Festival – Manila, Philippines

HANNOVER MESSE 2015 – Germany

Korea Japan China CEO Invitations – Fukuoka, Japan

Wang Xizhi Festival – Shandong, China

Hyundai Asan Invitations – Geumgangsan, North Korea.

▶JC Curve World Music Group (Leader/Producer).

▶Sejong Center for Performing Arts Teenage Gukak Orchestra / Composer.

▶TV Show “Top Band” Expert Judge / 2012.

▶World Music Ensemble E-DO (Composer / Producer).

▶Arirang Festival Music Director / 2012.

▶KBS Gamdong Awards Final Music Composer) / 2012

▶Ilsan GoRock Festival Official Music Composer / 2013.

▶Yamaha Artist Bass Endorser / 2013.

▶Seoul Art Market PAMS Choice Artist / 2013 .

▶Sejong Center for Performing Arts Grand Theater Concert

“Click into Gukak”(Composer/ Collaborate with)./2013 .

▶ANTHOGATE Corp./ Chief Producer / 2014.

▶ Sejong Center for Performing Arts Grand Theater Concert

“Sejong Story Concert”  (Composer/ Collaborate with)./ 2014.

▶ Sejong Center for Performing Arts Grand Theater Concert

“Mysterious Teenage – Let us Dream” (Composer/ Collaborate with)./2015.

▶K-Culture Festival in Chengdu Art Director. / 2015.

▶Ulsan World Music Festival, JARASUM International Jazz Festival,

Jisan Valley Rock Festival, International Asia Rock Festival,

Jeonju Sound Festival.